Selling your art on is really simple.

For sellers of art

You can be online and ready to sell your works in just a matter of minutes.

1/ Sign up for an Anon-Art account – it’s free

2/ Upload your item to sell and fill in all the details to make it really stand out. Try use really expressive keywords in your descriptions as they will help buyers find your work with our advanced searching. It’s a great idea to include as much background information on your artwork without, of course, giving away your identity – for example, where did your inspiration come from, does your work have a certificate of authenticity?

3/ Choose what length of listing you want. At Anon-Art, we understand that great artworks can take time to sell. If your item doesn’t sell immediately, don’t worry, we will automatically re-list it for you so you don’t need to keep checking in. We’ll send you an email confirmation just as soon as your items is sold.

3/ When an item sells, complete the sale:

  • your contact details will be released to the seller
  • agree with the buyer how you want to be paid
  • arrange payment of the balance and shipping

4/ Enjoy the proceeds of your sale! We will invoice you after the sale is completed for the 18% commission.

If you need more information or have a question, please contact us on [email protected].