How do I pay for the art I buy?

The payment transaction for an artwork is agreed directly between the buyer and the seller. Where the buyer wants added security, Anon-Art will hold the payment in a secure account on behalf of the supplier until the artwork is successfully shipped.

Art – Can I get more information?

Most of the works of art on are expensive. These works are listed here with a description and one or more photos. Sometimes, a buyer may want to see more detailed pictures or video of the piece before committing to make an offer or buy. If you would like any more information on a particular item, please email [email protected], including the title of the listing and details of the additional information you would like, we will then contact the artist and make that information available to you.

Who pays for shipping works of art sold on Anon-Art?

Shipping for items on Anon-Art is normally paid by the buyer but, unless the seller has chosen to include packaging and postage in the cost of the sale. This will be noted clearly in the item description.

Anon-Art is partnered with Transartbox for a complete shipping package, worldwide. Please email [email protected] for a quote for any individual item of art.

What changes are you planning for

We have a roadmap of changes for and some quick changes that will be arriving very soon are:

  • The ability to make an offer on individual items
  • Explainer videos for using the site

If you have suggestions for changes that you would like to see in, please email us at:

[email protected]

How long do I have to sell my art on Anon-Art?

We offer different short listing durations for your artwork so you can choose to go for a quicker sale or allow buyers more time to consider and buy.  If your art doesn’t sell within your chosen listing timescale, it will automatically be re-listed for you so you don’t need to keep signing in to do that manually. Shorter listing timescales can help spur buyers into making a commitment to purchase.

You will receive an email notification once your item is sold!

How much does it cost to sell on Anon-Art?

We don’t charge listing fees, which means you only pay a fee if your artwork sells.  We charge a fixed 18% commission, which is invoiced to you, through PayPal once your sale is completed. This is the only fee that is payable relating to a sale.

What happens if I buy a piece of art and I’m unsatisfied when it arrives?

When you decide to purchase an artwork you can ask the seller whether they are willing to accept the return of the artwork for any reason after you purchase it. It is entirely a matter for each individual who offers artwork for sale on Anon-Art to decide whether or not to accept returns on sales and offer full or partial refunds. Anon-Art never intervenes in transactions between buyers and sellers of artwork on the site.