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Art – The Gift of a Lifetime

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Celebrations over the last year have, essentially, been put on hold throughout the nightmare that has been the COVID-19 pandemic and gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions have, mostly, been made online. But, many people don’t realise that it’s easy to buy art online, too!

Art makes the most fabulous and unique gift to give to someone special. Choosing an original artwork means your gift will not only give your loved one the enjoyment that comes with displaying a unique piece of art, but will also, in many cases, increase in value and prove to be an investment for the future.

Even when buying original artworks, there are a range of prices that will suit every pocket and buying from new and emerging artists means that you are also supporting the creative industries, helping them to get a solid foothold in the artistic market.

What to look for:

Let the art attract you. Look at the colours, textures, and the overall finished product. If a pictures draws you to it, that’s a good sign to consider it further. At, we promote this concept of the art attracting the buyer by removing the name from the sale process. Make sure you will receive a certificate of authentication with your purchase. Some artists will write on the back of the picture, to state where and when the picture was created, and will include some information on the background to the work, such as, the inspiration that set it in motion. Some artists will provide a more formal certificate with the image, which is an important document to keep safe as it will, in the future, authenticate the work and help to confirm its value.

Where is the artwork?

When you start to search for artwork to buy online, it could, in fact, be located anywhere in the world! Don’t let that put you off buying but do be aware of the costs in shipping artwork. Use a reputable shipping agent (at Anon-Art, we recommend and request a quote prior to committing to buy your artwork.

Framed of Unframed

When starting out buying art, as a gift, you may think that you want the picture to come framed. A framed picture, however, can increase the transport costs. If you buy a picture that is on a medium that can be rolled, that then reduces the costs of shipping.

Frames can be a very personal thing to choose, to fit with decor and colour schemes, so allowing the recipient of your gift to choose the frame allows them to pick the perfect one to go with their new artwork.

Art as a gift gives so much more than a picture for the wall. It gives love, emotion and enjoyment, ongoing into the future, along with prospect of a serious increase in value. Give a gift with a difference!