Unless specified otherwise, shipping will be paid by the buyer.  Items on anon-art.com are listed from all over the world and it’s important that buyers take that into account before making an offer or buying.

The size and type of work are included as part of the listing. We recommend that you seek an estimate for the shipping costs before bidding.

Dependent on the value of the artwork you buy, the shipping will vary. For example,  shipping from Europe to the UK of an A1 sized stretched canvas original cost in the region of £35, with the postal track and trace service, so shipping doesn’t need to be expensive!

Check out some reasonable estimates here: https://www.royalmail.com/sending/international

For a more expensive piece you are likely to want the services of our specialist partner, transartbox.com who deliver complete packaging and shipping solutions to buyers and sellers of art, worldwide. For a quote for shipping a particular item that is for sale on anon-art.com, please email [email protected] and our partners will be very happy to assist.