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Art Shipping – New Partnership

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If you are an artist or a collector, a platform like gives you the opportunity to buy and sell art on a level playing field, where the name plays not part in the sale. Art from all over the world is listed on and this means those artworks are travelling, in some cases, across continents.

Shipping and transporting delicate art is not easy and requires the services of specialist shipping companies who are well-experienced in the handling of artworks is required. Anon-Art is delighted to announce our partnership with Transartbox, who can provide a complete packaging and shipping service for all art bought through

Transartbox brings technical expertise and experience in handling valuable artworks. Transartbox offers a complete service across packaging and shipping. They make speciality packaging for artists globally. The business links packaging and shipping, so an artist or gallery can have art packed safely, quickly and give the wow factor to the purchaser. Transart manufacture their own ultra tough art shipping boxes and crates, and can ship them direct to the artist. They can also enclose shipping labels so that the artist can quickly pack their work, add the shipping labels to the box and have it collected and delivered to the buyer in no time.

The new partnership opens up simple shipping quotes for any item for sale on, so buyers know exactly what the costs are.