Welcome to Anon-Art, the site dedicated to selling great pieces of art to those who love great works. Here at Anon-Art, works are sold anonymously, so buyers buy the pieces they are truly attracted to, rather than being influenced by a name.

As a lover of art, you could be buying a well-known name, an emerging star or a new artist finding their way. What you’re guaranteed to get is a work of art that you’ve chosen for its visual appeal, uninfluenced by where or how it came into being.

Buying and selling is really simple. All artwork is sold in a fixed price format. Commission (at a competitive 18%) is only paid, from the agreed price once the sale is completed. There are no other charges for  sellers.

You will need an account on anon-art.com to place items for sale or to buy or make an offer on items. You can be both a buyer and a seller, if that works for you. Accounts are entirely free to setup and use.

Artworks are advertised and sold in Pounds Sterling. Payments to artists or from buyers outside the UK may be made in other currencies to the equivalent of the agreed sale price.

If you need more information or have a question, please contact us on [email protected].

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